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Fat Burning Coffee - Organic Colombian Roast, 10 oz. Ground

Fat Burning Coffee - Organic Colombian Roast, 10 oz. Ground

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Our coffee blend combines a couple of different ingredients into a great tasting drink that can benefit your body and metabolism. The main ingredient that our premium roasts are infused with is green tea extract, which increases your natural metabolism and optimizes your ability to burn fat.

If you find yourself living a much more sedentary life than you’d like, or if you are looking to naturally boost your metabolism and your ability to lose weight, then our unique blend of fat-burning Colombian roast is for you.

Green tea contains an active ingredient, called Epigallocatechin Gallate, which offers incredible benefits to those looking to better manage their weight. Green tea extract has a more concentrated amount of EGCG, meaning that we could provide 2-3 cups’ worth of green tea benefits in a single serving of coffee.

Additionally, when combined with caffeine, the benefits of ECGG are increased exponentially, allowing you to burn fat even more effectively. Blended together, these ingredients create a clean and quality cup of coffee to accompany your daily routine.

A Simple Solution

Coffee can go with you anywhere, so you can improve your metabolic rate throughout your day. Take your fat-burning coffee with you to the gym, to class, or while running errands. If your lifestyle is a little more sedentary, our green tea-infused blend can still work for you. It’s a simple solution if you worry that you aren’t exercising enough to meet your goals or are routinely worried about your metabolism.

Our green tea-infused blend is meant to be a tool for you to use to improve your body and your mental well-being. Look through our products and begin your health journey today!

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