What is Micro Roast coffee?

"Micro Roast" coffee. We see this term thrown around a lot in the coffee world. Simply put, micro roasting is a process in which the coffee beans are roasted in a highly controlled, low volume batch adhering to very precise specifications. Because of the low quantity of coffee roasted at one time, the variability of the beans post-roast is inherently less. As you can imagine, this is a process which coffee enthusiasts are very interested in, as they get the most flavorful and robust cup of coffee possible. Typically, micro roasted coffee quantities fall somewhere between 50 to 150 lbs. 

At Fit and Focused, we only provide coffee following the most stringent micro-roast methods. For our fat burning coffee products such as our Fat Burning K Cup Pods and Fat Burning Colombian Roast Coffee, the Organic Colombian coffee beans are roasted in such a way that we can draw out the most complex flavor that you know and love. The same stands true for our darker adaptogenic coffee, Focus Coffee, which is created using highly controlled micro roast batches of Organic French Roast coffee. 

One thing that many companies forget is that with a micro roast coffee, freshness is everything. One can spend a lot of time and effort creating the perfect micro roast batch, but if it takes too long to get in the customers cup, the taste will suffer. It's a magnified example of your basic store bought coffee sitting in your cabinet for a little too long - it leaves you with a dull, low energy, and likely less healthy cup of coffee.

A Novel Coffee Concept

Now that you have a basic understanding of a micro roast coffee, its time to get a little creative. As we stated earlier, a micro roast coffee yields the most aroma and flavor due to roasting the beans in a smaller, more exact manner. That sounds great already, but what if we wanted to add something more? Aside from our Fat Burning Coffee, Fat Burning K Cup Pods, and our Focus Enhancing Coffee, we've decided to let the micro roast process meet some serious flavor. Bring in our Fit and Focused Seasonal and Flavor Reserve Line. Here, we've decided to combine a micro roasted Brazilian coffee with Snickerdoodle flavoring to create an unparalleled Snickerdoodle Cookie Flavored Coffee (seasonal), as well as a Vanilla Nut Flavored Coffee which is the very first of our upcoming Flavor Reserve Line. In addition to our health and wellness coffees, we think the Micro-Roasted Flavor Reserve Line will take the coffee community by storm.

When we designed our Fit & Focused Vanilla Flavored Coffee, we knew we had a to combine the best possible flavor with the best possible micro roast. Brazilian coffee itself is soft and nutty, with aromatic notes of caramel and hazelnut. This provides the perfect platform for an infusion of delicious vanilla flavor. Additionally, we put in the extra work to ensure we use only the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans directly from the farms of Brazil. This coffee is perfect to drink black, but is also begging to be made into a vanilla latte, vanilla keto coffee, or anything else that suits your coffee style. 

In summary, micro roasted coffee is the best way to get your coffee as tasteful, repeatable, and aromatic as possible. Not many companies like to go this route due to their desire to roast hundreds (or even thousands) of pounds of coffee at a time. We at Fit & Focused think a little differently- and we invite you to come find out. 

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