The Quality of Organic Coffee vs. Non-Organic

The adage “You are what you eat” is now more applicable than ever, but in this case, you are what you drink.

Many people start their day with a cup or two of this magic Joe and need a few refills to survive the rest of the day. Yes, we're talking about coffee.

With so much coffee consumption, coffee aficionados are becoming more conscious of the quality and source of their coffee beans. Today, it is no longer enough that the brew is delicious, it also needs to be made from the highest-quality, healthiest ingredients.

If you are conflicted between organic coffee versus non-organic coffee, learning more about the two can help you modify your coffee habits as needed.

The Quality Of Coffee: Organic Coffee versus Conventional Coffee

As the name suggests, organic coffee is grown, produced, and cultivated naturally. The fertilizers used are usually from natural substances or the actual coffee pulp.

The coffee beans are planted in the shade of forest trees to shield them against direct sun rays. This also promotes regional ecosystems and soil fertility.

Organic coffee must adhere to the USDA’s organic certification standards. Every stage of coffee production is subject to strict regulations, including early cultivation, processing, and roasting. It cannot be grown on soil that has been exposed to chemical pesticides or fertilizers within the three years prior to cultivation. The quality of the ground, water, and air are tested and certified by the USDA.

Although all kinds of agricultural production are regulated at a certain level, conventional or non-organic coffee is usually subjected to such chemicals throughout its life cycle.

The matter of which offers better taste is subjective to the drinker's palate. But it is undeniable that organic coffee is both safer and of greater quality.

At Fit & Focused

Fit & Focused is a health-oriented company whose coffee products, including the Organic French Roast and Colombian Roast Fat Burning Coffee, are all made from organic beans.

With its high L-Theanine content derived from mushrooms, Fit & Focused French Roast Focus Coffee gives you the mental boost you need to jumpstart your day. This is excellent for both individuals on a ketogenic diet and those who rely on coffee for energy. It provides long-lasting energy to help you keep focus. This coffee also offers higher antioxidant content that can help you strengthen your immune system. Their blend of pure, premium, coffee grounds offers the ideal combination of caffeine and L-Theanine, improving concentration, attention, and memory. You can also use this coffee to support intermittent fasting regimens.

Lastly, our brand places an emphasis on the taste and the agricultural and environmental benefits of using organic products. Advocating for organic coffee from brands like Fit & Focused creates a win-win solution for coffee drinkers, farmers, small-scale businesses, and the environment.

So drink your cup of coffee, and help sustain the earth! Order your grounds from Fit & Focused today and raise that cup of Joe!

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