Focus Enhancing Coffee - Why Simplicity and Quality Coffee is Key

If you've read our previous post on the numerous beneficial effects of L-Theanine, then you should be well versed and ready to go for this next post. The reason we selected L-Theanine for our new flagship Focus Coffee was very clear. We wanted a safe, proven, and reliable ingredient that majority of the world would try and say "Wow, how have I been missing this my whole life?" Bring in L-Theanine. This was, ironically, a no-brainer when we dove into the best brain boosting candidates for our Organic French Roast Focus Coffee. Throughout the internet you'll be able to see how widely accepted the combination of caffeine and L-Theanine is, but unfortunately it seems you can only find it from obscure supplement companies in giant capsules. Furthermore, it seems that coffee companies are throwing multiple under-dosed ingredients into their blends and calling it a "brain coffee". We aim to fix both of these issues. Not only does our Organic French Roast coffee give you your caffeine fix while providing a delicious full bodied taste, but the coffee beans themselves are roasted at very consistent temperatures, giving the same quality and purity in each micro roast batch. Combine this steady and consistent energy with L-Theanine, and you have yourself your new favorite study buddy. Enjoy, and feel free to reach out with any questions!

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