Coffee News: Study Shows Daily Coffee Intake Lowers Risk Of Heart Disease - Read This First

Well, that's a great headline to see. But lets dive into this before we start funneling the cold brew. The American College Of Cardiology has recently recently released its findings from a 382,535 person study (..impressive) conducted on healthy individuals over the course of 10 years (equally impressive). This study monitored these individuals to track the amount of heart disease and stroke cases developed within the group. Armed with the data of how many cups of coffee these individuals drank on average daily (anywhere from 0 to > 5 cups), they were able to cross reference daily coffee intake with the amount of newly reported heart disease and stroke cases. 

But what about external factors?

To simply link coffee intake vs. risk of heart disease without considering additional external circumstances would be dismissed as careless, and likely render the study pointless. To circumvent this, the individuals involved in the study were controlled by understanding their previous habits and conditions such as exercise frequency, smoking, alcohol use, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. This helped to level the playing field and give the cleanest results for this analysis. 

When will you get to the good part?

Yes, gotcha. At the conclusion of this study it was found that the coffee drinkers had a 10 to 15% lowered risk of, get this, "developing coronary heart disease, heart failure, a heart rhythm problem, or dying for any reason". Dying for any reason?! Holy hell, sign me up for some coffee! Speaking of which, if you're the type of coffee drinker that gets anxious very easily, I encourage you to try our Nootropic Infused Coffee, which has L-Theanine to help take the edge off the caffeine.

So...why can't I get the funnel out?

This is great news for coffee drinkers. But it doesn't mean we should all quadruple our coffee intake and adopt complete disregard for human life. When it was all said and done, the American College of Cardiology found that 2-3 cups of coffee per day seemed to give the greatest benefit and lowered risk of death from heart related illness. The next important part here is that they found a "U" shaped correlation of coffee intake and complications, meaning the 2-3 cup range is the sweet spot, but if you try to chug 5+ cups a day (or if you're not drinking coffee at all), you're not going to see the right benefits. I encourage you all to read the recently released abstract and come to your own conclusions, and if you have any inputs feel free to comment below!

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