Benefits of Caffeine and Green Tea Extract: Volume 1

As you may know, our flagship Colombian Roast Fat Burning Coffee is infused with Green Tea Extract during our grinding process. As you may imagine, not only does the Green Tea Extract contain many health benefits on its own, it also has a very powerful and synergistic relationship with humankinds best friend, caffeine. Hence the creation of our Green Tea Infused Coffee. This is the first post of many which will touch on some key benefits surrounding these star ingredients. Thank god for free access, because we've been utilizing countless studies collected on the National Library of Medicine database for years now. Anyways, without further adieu, our first fact of the week!


Green Tea Extract is Generally Accepted as a Compound With a High Antioxidant Content

Actually, according to Medical News Today, Green tea contains one of the highest amounts of antioxidants of any tea. Green tea is about 30%Trusted Source polyphenols by weight, of which approximately 80% is EGCG. What are antioxidants good for? Well, that's a loaded question that Google will most definitely answer for you. Bottom line, infusing this into our Fat Burning Colombian Roast Coffee will bump your antioxidant levels more than the standard coffee. What's not to love?!

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